Some advice por favor

Hey, name is Alex, my highest streak was 38 days, but my current streak is 26 as I speak, does anyone have advice and tips in order for me to reach even higher? This Friday I will have possibly reached 30 days again if I make it.

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@RebootGabe Where are you from? Hablas español?

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It’s ironic you ask, it’s obvious but it occurred to me today, I’ve stopped using my PC for a while. I just don’t turn it on, and I gave up YouTube (smartphone) for Lent.
I occasionally dip into YouTube now and then.

Recently I kind of got obsessed with fragrances as a hobby :joy: I bought a few cheap oil samples and comparing. I also bought a few nice things, and found Milton Lloyd who make really high quality Eau De Toilette that smell like the really high end expensive stuff. The Man Silver smells just like the original Kouros my Dad used to wear ahaha. It’s amazing the bargains when you search :sweat_smile::pray:

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A little bit. I’m from the US.

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I suggest joining “The Check-in diary”
And stay close to Jesus :wink::pray::heart:
He’s always got something to say and teach.

Please check it out and read the description.

Why the Check-in diary challenge is good, It holds us accountable to one another,
It challenges us to make, what can be, a positive routine!
It keeps us active in this community, without needing to say or do much other than say “all good” :+1:
And you can use it as a diary if it’s helps