Solution to NF 😔

Hello everyone :grinning:

After I relapsed and broke my 2 months,and now in my one week streak,I got 3 night falls. This is somewhat alarming and concerning to me as I had never experienced such high frequency. Since I’m doing nopeek challenge,I didn’t peek p4rn and also didn’t edge… Today, around 5:30 am,I got a sexual dream where I was about to hold a woman and caress her hair. In my dream,this caused me about to ejaculate,now immediately I got up my nerve and waked up the very instant it is about to eject. I hold my p*n#s and rushed to washroom where I saw only 1-2 drops of semen

I’m really worried right now. This sh&t addiction has me slave to lust and gave me nothing but horrible issue of night falls

I had talked to one of my friends,he is not followers of nofap,he said if he stops ejaculation for more than 1 week,he gets NF.

Earlier also,there were multiple times I relapsed deliberately, just to avoid getting NF or to delay the process of getting NF

The day I got a NF,I wakes up very lethargically , unable to get my ass out and go for jogg. Basically that very day I feel like a sh&t

Please provide your valuable suggestions and tips if any

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Brother, sexual dreams gives rise to nightfalls yes… It happens to me too. I dont get it too often but they happen still… Why would you relapse for the worry of nightfalls? Anyone sleeps beside you?

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Nope :rofl::rofl: no body sleep beside me… Although I looking to sleep with a woman

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So why worry? Just cleanup and sleep again… Its not an abnormal thing… Without masturbation, body will dispose excess semen that way… Also its your body and brain adjusting to the new lifestyle. After a while, they will get lesser and lesser.


Avoid sleeping on your abdomen. It is better to sleep on the right side.


Ok today I will implement that

From your experience,how long do you think it’s gonna take to reset?? I hate NF,they drains out of your energy

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I myself am having like nightfalls frequently. But they are mostly driven by something (a thought, person, movie etc). Find wht that is.

I got to know mine and have been able to avoid it since then

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I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


Idk brother but the brian doesn’t bring these picutres from nowhere he have to get from a reserve and that reserve is simply the almost subconcious memory by leaving it taking what it wants from memory you open the door for 1. NF sense sleeping you are not in control of whats out of the memory by this point
2. Urges, think about it if the brain can get these thoughts out and finds it gives it pleasure then he would enforce his will of giving him what he want
So what is the solution, catch these thoughts raise it to concious mind and supress it

Just apply what I said and everything will be fine. This will not stop NF for ever. You know, NF is a natural process. But you will feel the difference .
If you experienced NF, Taking a shower would erase its consequences.

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I guess they reason you had a nightfall is probably you haven’t used(transmuted) ur sexual energy. Remember it is very important to give the sexual tension an outlet especially since you are not ehaculating, your sex energy builds up. I would recommend u star working out. It might lessen the chance of a night fall.

You should get a different view on women.

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How to transmute the sexual energy? I run everyday for 20-30 minutes and then take cold shower

Like what kind of view ? . Please read the above article. It explains about sex energy transmutation in detail.

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