Solution for night fall (Urgent)


Hey peeps I am on a 20 day Streak. I first had my nightfall on 16th day then 18th day and then today. Can anyone please explain me the whole thing? I’m not able to sleep now. It’s scary. It’s 01:15 in India and am not able to sleep now. I have an exam tommorow. All my happiness has turned into grief


The only reason is that your semen has become thin. You have to take no fall capsules. I have recovered after taking that medicine. Search on YouTube: no fall manthan hub


Hey! I know this response is late but for future reference I’ll recommend you not to focus on any sexual memories. Mostly all dreams appear because of thinking about the scene before your sleep. Also sleep on your back it should help and lastly before sleeping meditate. Hope you didn’t break your streak🤞

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I was on a verge to break my streak I was so frustrated. But yeah I’m not seeing anything aroused then also. Even I’m meditating excercising and having good diet.


Bro do they have any side effects?


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No side effects


Yes, this is secondary reason. But, primary reason is physical, that is thin semen. Even if one does not fantasize, he will face nightfall if semen is thin.

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thank you brother I’m ordering it. for how many days I need it?

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Just call on that number. They will tell.

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