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Why I want to create a group -
I feel like most guys here need frequent and reliable social support to battle our addiction successfully.

Please like this post if you want to be contacted daily how you’re doing. I’m still thinking of what the rules of the group will be. Any input is appreciated.




I don’t have anything very specific to say rightaway except that it seems to be a very useful idea overall. I believe one important component would be to clearly set out expectations that participants should have from the group. The reason is that most if not all in this community are healing from different types of emotional challenges, and despite the best of intent may not always have the resources to be there for someone to the extent that is needed. Unless such limitations are expressed upfront, those having an expectation of support may feel betrayed, and their condition may be worsened. Beyond that, I would be curious to know who do you envisage as being the people who would be doing the “regular contacting,” as it is important for them to have a certain level of emotional literacy.

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I agree with you. I’ll take your concerns into account. Thanks for your input

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