So when does it get easier?

I’ve only been doing this for a day and a half but it still feels like I’m dying. I heard that a lot of people can’t get past a week. Is there some kind of hump that I need to get over at like 10 or so days? Right now, it just keeps escelating, but when does it get easier?

For me I got easier when I DECIDED to QUIT!

Not: I’m gonna try, I’m gonna work at it,
I can do it, I want to do it, I will do it, I’ve got to do it etcetera…

Just do it, And move on!


Well, with personal experience, it never gets easier, it only gets less difficult,Once pass the mark of 21 days.


Let me copy and paste this message I had sent to @Aoshigreen:
People say here “it dont care how many times you fall, only cares how many times you rise again”.
So that isnt completly true. You arent inmortal, one day youll die, and you have to archive your goals before it.
I know nofap is hard, but is harder than you know. Nofap isnt only not to fap and watch porn. You also have to improve your life.
You can rise up the many times you want. Youll die as a nofap hero, but you wont live your dreamed life.
Its your responsability, I only can say you how is the crude reality. So no more motivational quotes, you have to do something now, dont wait so.

So my friend, dont do it, life is short.


Damn. Ok. Well I’m glad you guys were there to help me out. I’m past day 2. For me, I know it’s definitely a physiological thing, but I think my psychological state really makes it worse. Just trying not to think about it too much

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If you feel like you are dying, then it’s working. And it feels like dying because that’s what it actually is. A part of you actually dies each time you pull through a crisis like this. It’s a part that’s not the real you, it’s only weaknesses and fears borrowed from outside. Ride it out and be reborn every time. You may need to, psychologically, “mourn” at some level that part of you that you have decided to let die - that part of you that needed that addiction to survive. Allow yourself the sadness that accompanies the process. You don’t need to force yourself to keep your mood levels up.

You are changing who you are as a person, so I would say it gets easier when you have changed significantly as a person in multiple areas of your life. You change how you react to challenges in general, you change your strategies of relating to people, you (are forced to) develop new habits to expend the extra time and energy on your hands. Others regard you differently. All the dying makes it possible. And if you need still more reason to stay strong, remember that you would feel horrible anyway even if you gave in - and for longer.

I haven’t given a number because that would be different for different people. My recommendation would be to start with achievable targets as per your situation, and increase them gradually so that you feel good about accomplishing your goals.


For me it got easier when I realised that there is no point staring your counter and waiting for things to happen. You got to make them happen. I’m hitting the gym almost everyday, eating and sleeping well. I write down my daily goals and spend my day doing them and if I have free time I spend it with someone close to me. I have no time to even think about porn and I’m only on day 13. But I don’t really care about what day I’m on. I’m just trying to be the best version of myself everyday and work hard towards my goals.


Never feel fail should be sure and have a self confidation that you can give up like many peoples have do before.
It’s my first day , i tried that before ,my record was 24days .
I hope that throught this app to give up for ever .the conversation between addicters is very helpful . simply it’s a challange to overcame.
Good luck.

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It get easier when you realise lust is not soo powerful and be overcome you need a vision of why you are doing it as well.


literally what aapoorv75 said, sorry to disappoint but today i’ve hit 61 days without PMO and i still have pretty strong urges. but to give you some closure you are correct that it gets far easier once you get over 10 days.

Cant agree more with aapoorv75. It doesn’t go away. You need to learn to live with it. Thats wisdom. But hell difficult to be done than said. Some got to reach a good mindset by just thinking about it or habituated the words that its not worth doing it. Then you hit the freedom man. You. Conquered.

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