So much problem in my life

my gf getting super mad at me, my nofap streak is 0 days, i feel sick, can’t play any games, bored of everything, can’t concentrate at all in work, any tips?

hi buddy
why do you feel sick?
what is your goal at work or at anything your doing? it is per se no possible to concentrate on something if you don’t strive towards a goal.
don’t focus on the counter too much. it is important to have a good average between relapses but it is not everything.
don’t multitask. often we can’t concentrate fully on one thing because we are used to multitask which splits out attention.

hope some of them helped a bit


Was just about to ask something similar.

Are you feeling sick only after starting your nofap journey or did you feel the same even before that? What is it that you are trying to achieve with nofap? Did you realize that nofap is ruining your life or are you just following a fad?

You must have something alternative activity to do to replace fapping or else your brain would keep pushing you back to fapping.


Do hard mode for atleast 40 days.

Its all starts at home get your girlfriend to have a convesation figure out what might be making her mad do something for like take her out then explain to her that you are going through some stuff let her be your supporter in this after that, stop pmo get your ernegy back all this is at home, so if you can make this things better that i mentioned then at work things will get better as well then you will realise that its wheel and when some gears are not functioning well they might affect your bigger wheel which is your life and in life we need balance, soo please be at peace with your partner and then start working on deafiting pmo.