So I heard you want to -

I heard you want to go to university. I heard you want to develop long-term serious relationship. I heard you want to study and obtain deeper knowledge of chosen field. I heard you want to change it all. Your life, your future, yourself.
Until now you have been drinking, crying in depression and masturbating to disgusting hard-core porn. Is this what you want? Is this how you play this game called life? Pathetic.
So what you are gonna do? Are you willing to sacrifice the pleasure for better future? Are you willing to follow a routine, do it everyday? Do you have the guts to take responsibility for you action and no longer hiding in your room watching some pixels? Come on. Come on! I know you do!
So stop it. Stop wasting the energy. Pursue the ideal self, ideal life! You have problems to solve! You have pain to ease! Go and grind! No longer hiding. No longer denying and victimizing yourself!
Two options: take up with the suffering and ease it a little or suffer horribly and die.
Your choice.


Keep up the motivation bro.
Its a GOAT talk.

Thanks friend! You too!

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