So I had sex with my ex

I don’t feel like I failed, even tho my goal was 10 days of abstinence. I was on day 8, I feel this was bound to happen I just didn’t had control of when, as it turns out it was today. Am thankful for the support this app gives and proud for those days that I said no and stood up for myself, am going to reset my timer because at the end of the day I broke my abstinence but I will still count the days clean and I will not masturbate moving on until real sex breaks my streak. ((Am sorry to god, I had promised you 10 days, but I was weak, and nowdays when a girl wants to sex you, you just can’t let the chance pass. :smiley: I will continue to stay clean and not do 10 days but more than that altogether. )) thank you for reading stay strong guys.


Well at least you had a girlfriend ;_: But singles are on the safer side and cannot be trapped like this lol.
Keep going bro this is not the end.!


Don’ t feel bad. It is even good that you can have sex. Real Sex is not bad at all. Only porn and masturbation is bad. Porn and masturbation leads to all kind of problems like social anxiety, lack of confidence, etc…
I think that real sex actually even increase your confidence.


When it comes to PMO, we can all agree that Porn and Masturbation is bad. However, Orgasms aren’t inherantly bad thing in and of themselves. If done under the right conditions, making love with someone you love can be an amazing experience that can bring you closer together. It is the most intimate way of bonding with someone and requires a lot of trust.

However, it can quite easily be corrupted. Porn and Masturbation warps the perception of sex and love and reduces it to nothing more than a means of achieving pleasure. It turns sex into a selfish act, void of any emotion and intimacy.

The keyword in all of PMO is self-control. Seeking out sex for the sake of orgasms can lead to sexual addiction, which can be destructive not only to yourself, but also the individual(s) involved.

Anyways, that was just my quick thoughts on the topic of orgasms. My point is that as long as you aren’t doing it out of a need of pure pleasure, I wouldn’t be too worried. Sex itself isn’t a bad thing, unless you’re doing it for the wrong reasons. In my eyes, you haven’t failed. Keep fighting my friend and good luck.