Small look back 🔮

Originally, my goal was to try out NoPMO/NoFap for a week and out of curiosity and no need, to see if any changes took place. No I am a bit past the time I originally said I would try, and I have to say, I want to continue that.

The past time has been quite an interesting ride: There were times of bliss and times when I have been hit by an urge to masturbate which I first thought was really hard to handle. However, not giving in has been rewarding. The one most powerful thing holding me back has been this ugly post-masturbation feeling, as if one had done something, that I do not want to experience any more. That is not to say that the times when the want to masturbate gets so immensely overwhelming are not interesting: They have taught me a lot about my body and to be accepting of such feelings. Not giving in on such bouts has been a great reward for me. Maybe it is the greatest.

For now, I want to continue and see where this leads me. What I hope is that the struggle against the urge will get easier for me to deal with and that I learn how to be a lot more relaxed about it when it occurs.


Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
This put it in a different perspective for me.
I will try to transform urges into something I can endure, but also enjoy.