Sleeping Problem - Nofap

Hey guys I am facing Sleeping problem. Not able to sleep at all in night. I am currently on day 110 of Nofap.

Has anyone encountered same problem. Please suggest me how to deal with this.

Yeah same i do have the problem as well and all i can do is keep the body lay down at bed as best as possible while listening to relaxing music

And also remember to not playing your phone expecting you gonna sleep soon

Sorry bad English :slight_smile:

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Do exhaustable exercise daily,u have abundance of energy on day 110,thats why u need less sleep


try to meditate… 2 days ago i can’t sleep too. But yesterday i try using simple habit app and try to do meditation. It’s quite helpful and makes me relax. I really have a good sleep yesterday

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Monitor your caffiene intake. You may not need as much since you have been fap free.

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Its because of stress
Meditate,don’t over think, try the no mind state,don’t drink anything that has caffeine in the evening

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though I am only on day 73 not long as you but right now I am taking magnesium supplement for my sleep problem,