Sleeping issues

Sleeping is very important for all of us to have a productive day. But from past few days I’m really facing sleeping problems. Yesterday I went to bed at 11:00 pm and I slept maybe at 3 or 4 am. I slept only for 2 hours. Guys this is making me feel irritated during the day. I don’t even use mobile 2 hours before sleep. What do you think can be causing this? Is it related to nofap?
Does anyone have similiar problems.


You probably overthink stuffs when you are in bed. I had the same problem when I get in bed I used to overthink about my past future and some specific situations. Then i installed this free app called medito it has some guided meditations for better sleep you can try out. It really helped me to sleep or you can try some nature sounds whatever calms you like birds chirping, rain, ocean waves etc.


Yes you are right I keep thinking about those stuffs


1 year ago … i was taking sleep drugs.
Sleep was my biggest issue.

Now… i am fine… dont have any sleep issue.

Solution is very simple :

I read it in a book.
It was a Research book.
No one has died of isomania.
Only thinking about it harms us.

It is impossible for a man to remain without sleep. In most cases the person sleeps for 1 hour and he doesnt know about it.

He says he dont sleep for 8 hours. However he slept for 1 hour in night.

That 1 hour is enough for you.

Change your focus
Your body knows better than you
You slept for 2 hours

When we dont worry about our problems… like this one… the problem goes away because it is not a problem in the first place.


Haha bro you are 100% right. When I worry about sleeping I can’t sleep. I also had this problem a year ago, but as time went I forgot about it. It’s really an amazing advice . Thank you​:blush::slightly_smiling_face:


The same applies on nofap.

Change of focus from no to Yes.
Yes to Life.


I track my sleep with a fitbit and use the features/recommendations to improve my sleep. These things (recommended through the app - based on scientific research) helped me:

  • No caffeine for 6 hours before bedtime
  • No alcohol for 3 hours before bedtime
  • At least 15 minutes a day outdoors in the sunshine every day
  • No screens for at least one hour before bedtime

Nofap has really helped me improve my sleep too. Not sure whether more refreshing sleep counts as a superpower, but I’m definitely experiencing it! :+1:t5::+1:t5:


So true
That’s the same th iij ng that I face
No matter how tired I’m
While studying at night I feel sleepy
But when I go to bed I start thinking stuffs
Like will I be able to complete portions, what would happen if my loved 1 leaves me , what would happen if I dont be successful and cant provide necessities to my family and shit
This is because of lack of confidence that I have
For which the main reason is porn and mastrubation
Because when indulged in porn and mastrubation

  1. I waste lots of time thereby less time for other stuffs
  2. I start feeling less confident and hence these thought
    And so I cant sleep

Simple advice when u get such thoughts just sit and close ur eyes and do on chanting for 10 minutes
U will start to feel amazing
Or else use the medito app
I do both alternatively which means when I’m alone on chanting else the app

Just dont worry about any stuffs
Stag strong with nofap and dont watch porn and dont mastrubate
Start meditating and exercising
U will notice the changes by urself

Would like to quote something that I heard today during religious teaching
" as u transfer ur will to ur children dont transfer ur bad habits.
First make sure u get rid of these bad habits
So that ur kids can learn good things from u"
That’s all
All the best to every 1 in this journey
My prayers are for every 1 that every1 succeeds
We can win…