Sleep Quality VS Mastrubation (A statistical perspective)

Hey guys, I was curious as to how or whether our sleep quality is affected by masturbation and if it does, to what extent? Being a data enthusiast, this is a really interesting and intriguing problem for me to solve.
I have been tracking my sleep quality, for past 12 months and I got an idea, Why don’t I see a comparison between my sleep quality(in %) to the no. of times I fapped in a month and to the max streak(in days) I made in a month. I got pretty interesting results that I want to share.

Evident from the graph, it can be seen that as the no. of times fapped increases, sleep quality either decreases or stays the same (these are min max scaled values for better visualization, not the actual values)

Also, I ran a correlation test(Spearman correlation, if you are a stat buff like me) and I found a strong correlation coefficent of -0.71( negative correlation means one things increases and other decreases and vice versa). FYI, correlation coeffiecent greater than 0.7 or less that -0.7 is statistically significant.

Another such relation was seen between Sleep and Streak:-

Again, after a correlation test, the coefficent value came out to be 0.53 (moderately correlated). Even though the correlation is not strong, it has a significant amount of effect on Sleep quality(there are other factors such as stress, sleep timing etc. which if considered, will give a better picture)

1.Sleep quality is inversely proportional to No. of times a person fap
2. Sleep quality is significantly increased by good streaks

If you fap a lot, you are hindering your sleep quality, which is directly affecting your work quality, which is directly affecting your success

I know some people will say its basic common sense, but now this is actually supported by statistics and you cannot deny it!

DATA used from :- Rewire App (Thanks @Taher)
Runtastic Sleep better

(If anyone is interested to know how I got these results, I can share the full analysis with them)