Sleep is a necessary factor

Sleep is an important factor that helps in reducing relapses to large extent? Now you will ask how is that possible??
The thing is if we sleep after 10: 00 PM there is chance that we could relapse because after 10: 00 PM our mind starts its tricks to make us relapse(my experience).
Then you will ask me what is the solution to it?
It’s simple, you should use your phones before 9: 00 p.m after that don’t use it. Then you should switch off lights in your room and make yourself got to sleep before 10pm.In this way you could have healthy sleep and reduced relpases. This is the routine that I personally follow and it’s working for me. If you can just give it a try.


That’s actually good, try to eat spirulina in the morning and have some exercise in the afternoon. Consuming vit C can help to clear your thoughts too. But don’t consume before sleep, it can make you active back.

Its a routine for me to sleep around 10:30-11 pm. I need to do works and need to make use the benefits of having more energy. Otherwise, I just can’t sleep.

(Extra info)
I have a suggestion if you plan to wake up early in the morning example around 4-5 am it is recommended for you to take a nap in the afternoon. 5 minutes to not exceeding 30 minutes. A power nap not only improves your cognitive ability, creativity but also your energy level. Keep in mind that, increasing energy in the body should compensate for more work is done. If not, you will have a higher chance of relapse.
Trust me, if you are used to waking up early your will power will increase tremendously. Sleep is a need. If you can control the quality of your sleep, you can control your mind when you are tired. Same as the food you eat. The good food you consume will become part of you. It makes your body healthy while the mind when healthy will result in positive thoughts and feelings.

Let me be clear that sleep is very important to the well-being of the mind. An unhealthy mind even in a healthy body will eventually destroy health.


I have bought a box of Patanjali spirulina but haven’t started taking it. Is it good? Need to hear from a user. Also what time is best to consume.