🏰 Siege (challenge)

Challenge Update: The battle has ended with a :handshake: truce. Well done teams!


:hourglass_flowing_sand: Battle ends in 0 days…

G1 :orange_circle:
G2 :orange_circle: G3 :orange_circle:
G4 :orange_circle: :european_castle: G5 :green_circle:
G6 :orange_circle: G7 :orange_circle:
G8 :orange_circle: G9 :green_circle:
O8 :green_circle: O9 :green_circle:
O6 :green_circle: O7 :orange_circle:
O4 :green_circle: :crossed_swords: O5 :orange_circle:
O2 :green_circle: O3 :green_circle:
O1 :green_circle:

:green_circle: Green Army

G1 Keats :x:
G2 Yash21 :x:
G3 mphexpert :x:
G4 ysub :x:
G5 shinsusenju :white_check_mark:
G6 Duran :x:
G7 ali4th :x:
G8 VARAD :x:
G9 BobDeen :white_check_mark:

:orange_circle: Orange Army

O1 TheBigSP :x:
O2 keepFighting :x:
O3 prothekter_aden :x:
O4 sheamus :x:
O5 Harn08 :white_check_mark:
O6 AlexanderDaGreat :x:
O7 Iwantolearn23 :white_check_mark:
O8 alphadude :x:
O9 PowerfulNFPWarrior :x:

The Challenge:

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• Based around the idea of a medieval siege battle, this challenge will feature two armies - Team Orange (the attackers) vs Team Green (the castle defenders).

• The goal of each team will be to get through 14 days without any team members relapsing.

The Rules:

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Each player represents a piece of territory for their team.

For example, if I (Keats) - who represents territory G1 for team green - were to relapse, two things would happen:

  1. My territory would go to team orange

  1. I would be out of the challenge (thats right, only one chance) :x:

Requirements to join:

(Please only apply after you understand the rules above) :arrow_up:

  1. This challenge is for those in the early stages of getting a streak together. You must have a streak under 7 days to join - so be on day 0-6.

  2. Provide sharing code.

That’s it. No daily check in required.

(The challenge will start once all 16 positions are filled)


@mphexpert @ysub @BobDeen @Duran @ayushbantaiji @ali4th @TheBigSP @Yash21 @alphadude

Friends, don’t know if any of you would be interested in joining this but I’m throwing an invite out there…


I join
Sc- q2wnau

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@Keats I’m Already In
SC : 7gdf2f

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Interestingly this morning I was thinking of telling you for a new challenge. And

I love strategy games so I think it will be interesting.

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Ready to fight again.

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I’m in
My sharing code: 4zssn7
Green team :green_circle:

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Yeah I’m down for it. Do you still need my sharing code since you got me on gentleman?

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Naw, you’re good :+1:

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Sharing code: d10mfl


:sweat_smile: friend I think you joined too fast.

If your sharing code is correct you’re too advanced for the challenge. Currently I’m limiting it to those still struggling to get a week under their belt.

If this challenge is a success maybe I’ll make it available for everyone regardless of streak.

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Yup I’m in buddy



I am in @Keats . Stuck in the chaser for a month now :pensive::pensive::pensive:

Sharing code sqz5y6


Hi keats . Can I join the challenge . It looks interesting. Here’s my sharing code x4x7pm .

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i accept this… my sharing code is iqo8pt

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Alright, if there is a place left for me, I’m in. We are partners already :slightly_smiling_face:

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If there Is a spot for me than here is my code : dw6zsa

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@Harn08 @Duran @AlexanderDaGreat

Added you, friends.

4 spots still open.


Oh no.
Ok bro no problem . I am also busy now a days .
But please make a awesome challenge for all soon.



I’m in! Add me please.

SC :- 35rvo8

Currently on day 4. I guess I cleared the eligibility criteria.

Edit :- If you don’t mind, can you please add me in orange team. :slight_smile: