Should we concentrate on our current days

Every night when I turn on this app instead of some random p-site staying up late at night I might add.

And looking at my number days,should i approach this app with x number of days or just pretend that it just a memory I need to forget about.

I am looking for every possible means to forget my additive life, why does life give us so much addiction,why do us guys have to turn apps to help us.

I’m not religious or believe in some god but I do believe this is an evil addiction ,but where is this evil coming from?.the Internet? This internet is serving us up something that we can’t resist and our brains think it will be OK.
But can we live without Internet,maybe no
Maybe yes or maybe our jobs needs Internet.
So we cannot perform our duty’s without it,my job is certainly needs it.
Interesting I would love a life without Internet then all of our problems are solved.
I will follow you my friends to help and guide you if needed which I hope you do the same when it gets tough for me.

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It’s a good question, and one I’d be very interested in hearing other people’s opinions on.

For myself, I’ve lurched between trying to concentrate on my addiction all the time, so that I will spot a trigger nice and early, and trying not to think about it at all, so that I’m not triggered by focusing on (getting free of) porn.

I think what works for you probably depends on how long you’ve used porn and how many different things trigger you. In my case, I have such a long list of triggers that I’m having to think about it all the time to avoid a relapse. I’m hoping that one day, when I’ve got much better at living without porn, I’ll be able to focus on it much less.


Great topic! I’m 42 and have been struggling with this since before the internet went mainstream, but i do think the internet made porn more accessible to more people, so the problem on a societal level has grown expontentially. I think the internet is a tool, like a hammer, and can be used for good or ill; to build a house for a homless family, or to him someone on the head as a murder weapon. The tool in itself is not really good or evil.

Also, for porn, i do agree that its evil. I think this comes from twisting things that are good. Meaning, naked women are good, and sex is good, but porn is taking these things from their rightful place (in a commited relationship) and making it public to strangers. So its distorting and seperating the act from its true purpose.