Should I tell someone to help me?

Hi, I’m new here. May I ask a suggestion? I’m tired of struggling, someone said one way is with the help of others. I thought to tell my girlfriend and my best friend. should i do it? give me a suggestion!


Choose wisely, see if you trust them enough and whether they have a feeling of helping you out of a problem or not.

It’s good to tell somebody if you cant capture the things inside ownself and want to relieve out some pain.

Also, multiple opinions will be thrown at you in the forum, the ultimate one is which you go further with. So think out loud and clear , take some time and decide what you want to tell and how are going to do so.


Thanks for reply, I decide to make diary here, and I will tell to my GF, athough she can’t help me directly, but her support will help me a lot. I trust her. And my bestfriend will be the accountability partner besides all people in this forum.

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