Should I reset my counter?

Last night,I don’t why and how did I do it :sob::sob:

I was sleeping on my stomach with my back up,i felt good sensation in my d**,and I don’t how I rubbed it against my bedsheet which ended up with ejaculation :pensive::pensive:

I didn’t do it deliberately,may be I was in partly sleeping state

My question is should I reset my counter ??

Plz reply

I’m feeling very awful after I waked up

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I also did this in the middle of the night when I was delirious. I accidentally held my penis at that time and ejaculated, so I decided to start over from scratch


Its known as prone masturbation… (many do it)
I relapse many times like this myself
Its a relapse…


Yes you are right :blush: I will reset my counter :smile_cat:

I am feeling a bit sad as I am having 20 days streak after a long time

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