Should I do it at once?

Now here I’m to ask a question

I m addicted to YouTube, mobile games, and porn and if not yt or game then tv

But the thing I understood

I only use youtube and games to escape from reality coz I’m scared because I feel whatever I’ll study I’ll forget so I’m scared to try and continue though I know it’s important to study


The reason why porn and mastrubation is coz of stress caused due to not studying

So everything is connected

I tried quitting all together at once but after two days I get thoughts I wont be able to quit all at once so let’s do tackle one addiction at a time and I start playing games then in next two days I’m back two youtube and the same day I relapse

These things make sense

I just had a thought

A drug addict doesn’t eliminate one drug at a time by consuming less high drugs

So I just feel like quitting all at once coz of these are interconnected

Just needed suggestion if any one could help

Plus I shouldn’t be having time for all these coz I have study work , spiritual work, festive cleaning work
But I always compromise on first two work
So I do feel I need to leave all at once
Just my thoughts
Thank you


I’m going to try to answer this in the best I can… Don’t eliminate them all at once… Just cut them down as you go and then once a certain addiction gets to a certain amount of usage then you should kill it… Here’s an example

October 15th
Trying to quit porn-100%
Trying to quit youtube-50%
Trying to quit games-25%

October 30th
Trying to quit porn-100%
Trying to quit youtube-75%
Trying to quit games-50%

December 15th
Trying to quit porn-Killed/beaten
Trying to quit youtube-100%
Trying to quit games-75%

If you get where that’s going…

Also, and this is my personal opinion so you don’t have to listen to me… Studying is too stressful for me… I don’t do it. Period… I dont even think it’s important to an extent… I’d rather focus on important stuff to me such as working on self love and relationships and my relationship with GOD… Studying doesn’t fall into that category… So ask yourself if Studying is something that you really enjoy and need… Like I said before this is my opinion… Find things that are important to you and fill in the gaps of the things you are leaving behind…

Hope this helps!!!

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Hey. The above answer is really appreciable. I will just wanted to add few things.
To be honest i don’t remember the time when i get this kind of thought of not being able to hold up on nofap.
But now it is easy for me to cut down everything. Now atleast 10-15% i can control my mind.
So some best way

  1. Social life.
    Anyway you are wasting time on yt and all so it’s better to get hangout with friends. Don’t comeback until you really exhaust yourself…

  2. Excercise and meditation.
    Don’t leave this even if you relapse…do it everyday.

  3. 21/91 day rule
    Just make your mind discipline and believe that this rule really works. It also worked for me too.

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See it this way, you don’t have to quit anything you just have to shift your attention to these tasks which are more important.
Ask yourself what makes you happier, playing games, watching p**, YouTube, wasting time OR working on your goals and good habits. The answer will always be second one (if you really think about it). There’s nothing to quit to be honest, it’s just focusing on different and important things to gain true happiness. If you take it this way that I don’t habe to go back to my hellish life of wasting time, I am much happier without it, you won’t find any of it difficult.
So go for it with this new mindset and live your life :+1:


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