Should I consider it a relapse and reset my streak?

I was doing an ordinary oil massage because due to winters it become very rough dry and itchy down there
During massage it for erected and ejaculatated automatically.
I hadn’t watched any p@*n, I was having no intention but I was not able to control it .
Should I reset my streak
Currently at 68th day.
Just be honest
And it was so quick like within 10-20 seconds
I m still not able to understand what the dyck just happened
Maybe because of temptation built within me of 68 days
Just tell me brothers should I reset my streak?


It’s up to you.if you’re doing hard mode than it’s definitely count as a relapse. But I’m scared that you will lost your confidence. So forgot all this and move on otherwise a new trap :spider_web: for you will be ready in some days :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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I m resetting my streak buddy


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