Sharing my 7 years of BRAHMACHARYA experience

I have been practicing BRAHMACHARYA for the past 7.2 years. I have a business in real estate and stocks in Las Vegas.
Note -
Confidence, Focus, sharpness is on another level. Compassion towards humanity is growing day by day. My body heals very fast. Memory and retaining power has been increased too. Reaction timing towards negative incidence has been decreased. ( ASHWINI GESTURE -the most important thing to do when sexual energy gets in the action. When we do this posture, sexual energy moves up towards CROWN CHAKRA). SEMEN energy must be channelized upwards through various breathing techniques otherwise it will go downwards for which our body is designed.

Just remember one thing - You are fighting with the most powerful nature of the force and you require equally powerful force to combat which is the practice of MEDITATION, PRANAYAM, and BANDHAS.

A must-do thing while staying on this path -

  1. Meditation
  2. Bandhas (mool bandh, jalandhar bandh, uddiyan bandh, mahabandh)
  3. Pranayam
  4. Yoga (child’s pose, shoulder headstand)
  5. Chakra chanting (To balance all the chakras)
  6. Practicing COMPASSION is the MUST.
  7. Eating vegetarian food helps a lot in the long run.Power of FOCUS in BRAHMACHARYA

Good post, good video. Thanks for sharing


Welcome, Samaranjay.
Generally, I stay away from any groups but now I decided to share my experiences because NOFAP is way more than SEMEN RETENTION.


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