Share your Nofap journey here

Ill go first, my nofap journey is going well, ive been working out alot, keeping myself busy, ive been taking cold showers and ive been starting to develop good social skills, doing all these activities are the best parts about nofap. Hows your nofap journey going guys?
Write in detail what you have been doing to improve yourselves in nofap.


Does noone want to share their journey?

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Well. I found pornography at a really young age. Like 8 or something Idk. I don’t know how long I used it for. But after some time I decided to tell my mom what I had been watching one morning before school which I look back and realise that was dumb, because I must have put so much stress on her… I later ended up doing some stuff to my sister. It never got really bad, but the way I told my mom about it was a lie and a lot of powerful people got involved in my case. I got into counseling, and I actually liked it because I was a kid and the lady had some of the same interests in me… We played soccer together st some point. After quite a while things got all cleared up. Idk if something is on my permanent record put even if it is I was young so I don’t think anyone can hold it against me. After that I quit for a year I think and then I found masturbation again. I started there and then I added porn into that. I continued this for a few months, and then my mom found out again. She went through every phase a mother wpuld go through and took away all my things after a while. I was being so mean to her, and at some points thought about killing her. I over heard one conversation between her and my brother. He was worried I would kill her too. I never did. I’m so freakin glad I didn’t. I got rid of those thoughts as I should have. I got all my stuff back and started struggling again. Mom figured out that everything she tried to tell to me I’ll figure out by someone else or myself. I still probably need to put my stuff away at some point and detox from the internet for a while and work on a passion of mine. I’ve been trying to quit ever since then. I’ve managed to go 25 days and no more. I’ve hit a very low point lately and want to just give up even though there are negative effects… But alas, here I am.


How have I been trying to improve? Haven’t.


I actually don’t know what age I started MO… Sometime in infancy or when I was a toddler but I don’t count that cause I didn’t know what I was doing. I quit when I was like 5 anyway because I lost interest. :neutral_face: When I hit puberty at 11 or 12 I started it up again and kept it a secret, my dirty little one. I knew it would be bad if I got caught, though, but I didn’t really know why. Then I started fantasizing about a guy in a TV show I had a crush on while I masturbated, and finally when I was 17 I used MO to cope between classes with all of the nervous energy. That was when I was doing it 4 times a day, every day, and I realized I was addicted. I started to see everyone I knew in a sexual sense and thought every guy was a preditor, even if they were like 50 years old… I finally worked up the courage to tell my sister and youth group leader and they helped me as much as they could, but I still did once or twice a week. When I went the whole summer without MO I thought I was free of the addiction, then I rekapsed twice in one month and realized I wasn’t. Came to NoFap, accountability partners have come and gone, and now here I am at 47 days and counting, hoping to get free for Jesus, my best friend who I finally told, and my boyfriend who doesn’t yet know. I still write dirty books though and I am ashamed of it.


I will copy and paste a post I made a few days ago:

It has been 365 days since I started this journey. In the past, I had tried many times to get rid off this terrible action (PMO), but I was never able to succeed.

My current streak (365 days) is actually my first streak since I have downloaded this app, and I’m very proud of it.

During these last 365 days, I have not watched p***, neither I have m**********. I had 18 wet dreams (quite a lot, but I think it is normal).

One nice thing that happened: I had my first time with a real girl, which was awesome.

One thing that I still need to improve is that I still think a lot about sex during the day, specially when I am on my bed. Sometimes those thoughts lead me to get aroused, but I do not do anything. (Anyone has some tips about it? Is it normal?)

Anyway, I would like to thank each and everyone of you.

Kind regards.

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