Sexual need to feel appreciated

Ok… I don’t want to give a full life story so basically I will just explain that I have a sexual desire to feel appreciated sexually by ANYONE.

It began when I was using my phone when I was younger and I discovered sending “nudes”. I loved the feeling when someone told me how hot I looked. This increasingly began to be more males than females until all males.

I don’t know if I am gay or if I just find the feeling of sexual appreciation amazing to the point where nothing else matters.

Gradually… I became more and more “gay” and I started watching gay porn about ¼ of the time straight porn. I don’t know if this is proof that you can acquire gay sexual desires throughout life or whether, I’m simply bisexual…

Just had to tell someone. I’m on my way to finishing porn completely. Hopefully keeping masterbating under serious control too.

Any help is appreciated with this. Perhaps other have had similar experiences or feelings.


Hey man
Im afraid I can’t give you any insight on acquired sexual identity but I know one thing for sure. Needing approval from anyone except you is not really healthy for yourself and your relationships. Don’t get me wrong we all fucking enjoy approval, sexual as being one of the best type out there. But needing it is a different story that puts the control over your life, your self-esteem, and your emotions out of yourself which is never a good thing if you want to be happy.
I can only speculate that may be growing up your parents didn’t provide you with a lot of approval for the things you were good at and the things you did good.
But no matter if that is the case, I believe you’ll be much happier if you learn to love yourself and provide for yourself all the appreciation you need, then you will enjoy the appreciation coming from both genders in much healthier way. Hope it helps you some, dude.


@Frango You know outs taken me 40 years to realise my life style has been one of my choice. It’s not for everybody I know. BUT…I have realised that since August last year I’ve looked at faith… some may mock but I believe that God is there and gives us all approval regardless of what we think. There is good in all of us and that can be looked upon as us all being alright people. God is there… no conditions… we just have to lean on God and ask for the help… no catch.


First of all it’s a spectrum, I’m 99% strait but still find guys I’m attracted to. I feel the same way, I rather like the attention I get when I go to gay bars and with girls I’m not attracted to them unless they are attracted to me first. Never got into gay porn but I will take MFM/MMM over FMF. Next time you feel it I demand 50 pushups then Google: lemon party.


Glad, I’m not the only one who feels this way. I’m not exactly this way but very much similar to what you said. It’s complicated, but as I grew up, I learned to make peace with it, and just be.

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