Sexual Energy Transmutation!

Does anybody have idea about this topic please share your insights on this.

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Hi @Roohithh

Sexual transmutation means converting your sexual energy into some other form of energy which is productive. As per this principle, sexual energy is a great form of energy and if left unused, it gets accumulated in the body and can result in urges which may lead to relapses. Therefore, this sexual energy needs to be released in some good ways. Although, sexual energy can be released just by relapsing but we already know how harmful it is and therefore, the importance of sexual transmutation comes into play. I can help you understand this through a practical example. We all human beings excrete waste products daily in the form of feces (stool) and these feces are not just waste materials for us and they are quite harmful for our health if just left outside without treatment. But if these waste materials are used effectively, they can be converted into manure which can be used by plants who in turn, will flourish effectively and give us food to eat. These waste feces can also be used for creating electricity using bio-gas plants. Hence, we are converting a waste energy into something useful energy like food and electricity. This is analogous to what we do in sexual transmutation, i.e., we convert our unused sexual energy into some useful productive energy. Since during this process, sexual energy gets released from our body, therefore, it also helps in avoiding relapses.

There are many ways to transmute sexual energy. I am listing them here:-

  1. exercise
  2. meditation
  3. experience happiness (eg. listen to music and dance etc.)
  4. meet pals
  5. deep work
  6. creative work
  7. cleanliness.

So now, you have these tools in your toolbox, use them to fight your urges.

For more details on this topic, you may refer to the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. I hope this post has helped you. :slight_smile:


Thanks a ton @saksham3 for this explanation

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Not an exact answer

2:00 do breath of fire to pump ur energy along with visualization as it moves up thru the spine…
But learn it properly else it may cause heart problems… learn it from here

Try it it’s very powerful… U will have zero urges after successful transmutation if done properly