Sexting Addiction

Hello everyone, I am glad you guys have accepted me! I have quite of a disturbing past, as it all started with masturbation when I was about 11. Soon after I discovered porn, which escalated to an extreme addiction which has caused me to lose classes, friendships, job opportunities and my self esteem.
After almost 7 years now, I regret every single day I’ve lost in this fight, and I can’t get out of this mudhole by myself. Most recently, I’ve discovered random sexting with strangers, which for a while was enough to satisfy my sick reckless desire, but now it’s currently the only thing that can excite me. I’ve spent the last days browsing dating sites and apps, in hopes of finding a woman which enjoys it as much as I.
I understand this is an unnatural and dangerous behavior that has put me in enough trouble with others and myself. I’d like to know if any of you has been through something similar and would be willing to help. Sincerely, T. F.

No one here will judge you, but I must warn you; sexting strangers is not a safe thing to do. Suppose one of them happens to be a minor, and the messages are being monitored.

This isn’t to scare you, but unless you know the person, it isn’t too smart to send lewd messages otherwise. Not to mention, they could be used against you via a sexual harassment claim, so I would advice against that practice.

Nonetheless, I’m always willing to help you out any way I can, as will the other great people on this forum.


Thanks for the heads up, I’m sure one of the things that makes it worse is me being a mino myself. And I’m aware of all these details, this is why I’m trying so hard to stop.

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