Sexsomnia experience. Relapse?

Hey guys… Today in the morning I think I experienced sexsomnia I didn’t knew what I was doing I didn’t had control over myself I was barely conscious and when I woke up I had that dopamine feeling… Do you think It was relapse?

No I don’t think it counts as a relapse it’s not really something you can control it’s like wet dreams it just happens

I wish you well brother

I just researched what this condition is by having sex in your sleep like sleep walking to put it mild.

First thing you gotta get it diagnosed which i ain’t no doctor but probably be a hard and long process. I suggest only do that IF you want to know for sure. Just like everything it costs money.
Anyways not saying you don’t have it but let’s say you do then I’m sorry.

I would definitely say no that it’s not a relapse but l would take measures to make sure it’s hard for that to happen again.

Things like tell people around you before you sleep that you may have this condition and to not take advantage of you. Maybe have a necklace no that could be a Hazzard but something on you that tells others. Anyways there has to be a preventive measure but at the end of the day it’s not your fault but l would try to take some measures.

All the best and sorry for the late reply