Sex after long No fap

Hey guys,

I used to Fap plus go to gym and used to have sex frequently.(3 year ago)

Average time during sex was 15~20mins.

After knowing the advantages of No fap, i stopped watching porn, no sex, deleted my Facebook and Instagram. I still dont use any social media platforms.

After i stoped masturbating maximum woman were attracted to me. Woman can sense our power. I had high voltage power. I feeled like i could do anything. After quitting my desire of sex,i stoped masturbating + sex for more than 180 days.
Yes No fap for more than 6months.

After 6 months of No Fap, i found the love of my life. I assumed that i could have sex with her with the same performance as before. But i found the problem my body has rewired. My dick would get exicted within a minute.
Now my maximum sex time is 3-4min.

She loves me, understands me and we are still together for 1year.i joined gym again and i have nice body but the problem is my dick forgot the old memory of sex. We are facing this problem since 1 year. Its like I have whole stamina in my body but my dick gets excited so fast as he was never masturbated before and thats it no sex after that.

I am still following no fap but i always get the feelings that this is permanent and i need to fix this so i masturbate again and again. I want that no fap power i can conquer this world.

I will much appreciate if anyone can give me the solution or if anyone went same path as me?

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