Set Targets for yourself


Up your intensity in the gym - If you want better results this is the key.

The quality of your attention determines the quality of your muscle. Put your mind into the muscle, and conceptualise every part of the body bracing and contracting in various ways. Lackadaisical action in any thing will lead to diminished returns.

Nothing else but the mechanics of the body on the mind - delivering intense efforts to the exercise at hand.

No distractions!

Leave your phone in your bag - Probably the biggest one in the current times. Your phone detracts from your focus in all things, the gym included. The vast majority of people I see will drop their head to look at their phone in between sets, or lord forbid even during their set. This takes your mind off the exercise, adds excess minutes to your rest periods, and means you waste time and energy. While you’re in the gym, be IN the gym. Once you finish a set, move the body walk around and stretch and contract the muscles you just worked out without weight - this will enhance the pump.

While it is encouraged to work out with others, try and find a dedicated workout partner who is going to push you to your limits and keep you focused and on track. If you go in a large group of people or socialise while you’re in the gym, that’s just not the time to dilly dally and chat. Have your intense session where the aim is to workout the body, then you can have your catching up Time in the gym while stretching.

When the exercise is done, how could you have done better? You need to be involved in every rep - were you?
How did you feel in terms of your strength - was your hydration on point? Did you eat enough the day before or before the workout? These are all issues that can be considered when our mind Is involved on the task at hand.

Obsession is required for high level results. Dedication is what gets us there. Get a little bit dark with your training.

Make sure you’re not just going through the motions when you train - we are there to commit to a purpose and the rewards we will reap from being totally engaged are more than worth it. Your physique will follow the intensity of your effort.


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