Serious, small accountability group

I just relapsed.

I’m sure you all know the feeling: guilt, shame and more.

Now I look forward.

Last time I tried doing one of these was my longest streak ever without pornography since I started watching it: 41 days. The goal of this accountability group is not to reach a particular number of days just to, after the goal has been reached, go back into old habits. This group is about helping each other reach our long-term goal of quitting porn, and freeing our minds from it. We will let time build our strength, together.

So together we will learn to focus on true love, for ourselves and our close ones. We will watch each other’s ranks go up, and if someone relapses we will make sure to be extra strong to make sure the group persists. If you are likeminded, you are welcome to rewire your brain and break free from this disgusting mess.

add me brother – ccec0e
we all want to break free from this fapping/porno shit.
Lets fight together and conquer it.

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give me ur code…

I’m in. I could really use some support. I just keep relapsing. :anguished: Id love to beat my best streak. (115 days)
CODE: cae84b

I would like to join, with God’s help we can do it!! Here is my code 8a0643

Hi count me in too, i think we have the same goal, being free from this addiction by not only reaching some particular number of days. And even if we relapse we need the support from eachother.
I m using this app for the first time and i hope i can reach my goal with it.
Add me my code is: b6c31c