!Serious problem! please help me I'm Day 10 and i will (i hope i don't) masturbate and fail

Look I’m on day 10 and my urges were so strong, days before I was already playing around soo… now i think like…“bruh it doesn’t matter anymore i played so much and watched Porn again. I can restart” bc fr i wanna do it clean. The thing is why my urges are so strong and I’m forcing them out is because I still have ED :confused: I don’t think that’s something wrong with my body because I had on day 3 or 4 beautiful morning wood and was so hyped and relaxed , but then after on day 8 or so to 10 I don’t get any morning wood anymore…why ?? like days before everything worked and now…bruh. And I’m so worried of ED man this really takes all my confidence and stuff like that. So the reason is I always wanna check does it work or not ? Do i reach 100 ? And that’s why I kinda. Want to. watch it… Bc i want that it works. And i watch it and It works but also not ,well depends on what I watch for example I watch hentai and it worked pretty well then i watched porn and it doesn’t did anything but then i watched naked pics and that worked again this is so confusing me. On one way drawings errect me more then naked real vids and on the other way real life pics errect me…and there where i didn’t watched porn and i saw something what’s a bit naked I’m like “I want that “that” turn me on” why do I not getting errect ? it doesn’t errect me and then I’m worried even more so I have doubts and try it again. It’s messing me so up that I just say: “I will start tomorrow an new counter. But this time Im really disciplined.” (I don’t know if I fap today but fr i see no point to continue this ~ streak. it’s not serious
I fucked it up. There are even times I watch it and nothing happens. Man I just want normal erections that feel like them and not those half erections or sometimes hard sometimes not. I want (i hope that’s true) it’s like i watch an really small and not big stimulation point like (a bit of a breast) that this is making my thing a stone lol. Just like when i was 14 or so where the smallest stimulus really kicked in.

Problems in short:

Scared of ED leads to Urges and Watching and Touching = leads to PMO
Hentai errects sometimes more then porn = wrong mind set= scared now i can’t get aroused by women
Small stimulis should errect me but they don’t = More ED thinking= shitty mind set= ED forever
Fucked up no fap

Just some words…please. <|3

EDIT: I relapsed 3 times in a row…ima shower now and start again. With real discipline


Remember why you started

Remember you already made such a good choice for yourself by saying “I wanna improve myself this is wrong and bad for me”

It’s a very very tough battle we all here know and understand that

But you are fighting a crude enemy that loves destroying you
Do you want this enemy to win
Don’t you want to destroy them
Don’t you want to absolutely devastated the living crap out of PMO so you can live your life the way you want it?

But ofcourse right now the enemy overwhelms you, so you start by resisting by keep on fighting never letting it even breathe eventually the enemy will weaken and you will rise.

Your energy is extremely precious
Don’t waste it
You already are in the top 10% of the world if u made this choice don’t you want to stay there?

You stronger than you think
Smarter than you believe
And absolutely phenomenally crazily mentally strong
You just got to tap into your inner self and u unclock its potential

Hope this helps

Disregard P. M. O acquire LIFE


Took me a lot of time writing it, so better read it fully :joy::joy:

Listen .
First , have trust whatever I’m gonna say.

So here’s your psycology-- your anxiety for ED is actually the main cause why you have ed. You watch porn with so much pressure on your head that you have to get erect, and that causes your ed (ever heard of performance anxiety?) . And when you watch random stuff in ehich you don’t put pressure on yourself that you’ve gotta get erect, you get a good erection .

Another reason can be , just your porn watching habits because of which you , AT THIS POINT, will get a good erection either by extreme stuff or by something unique.

Whatever the reason be, just have faith in the process. I’ve been through all this and trust me I started thinking that I have vouyeristic disorder😂 .
But just 25 days of nofap (note: completely clean streak with not even a single glimpse of INTENTIONAL porn) and I felt like the real me, the old me. … so bro … Just BLINDLY trust the process. BLINDLY … don’t question a single aspect of nofap. Just follow it. Stop testing yourself again and again that whether you have ed or not. It will get you nothing.


Thank you. So I failed. Bu its good because (it’s actually not) but it’s kinda good cause now i can start super clean. From now on I will blindly follow and won’t touch myself again. Or testing anything. And yes I know this pressure anxiety. I also think I’m worrying to much. But it will be fixed. So Let’s go and get that 90+ days of #nofap


I wish you the best guys… Leaving this forum permanently… Good luck on your journey


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