Seminal energy transmutation

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it can be transformed from one form to another such that total energy remains constant.
This is the law of conservation of energy.
This law applies on ourselves too.
Sexual energy is a very strong energy inside all of us. We can not create it or destroy it as it always be there with us. As it is a strong energy it always want to escape from us. That’s why we waste it on masturbation and nightfall as it wants to leave us due to weak will power.
Now as the law states that it can not be destroyed but it can be transformed to other forms.
Same apply to all of us, we can convert this sexual energy into our physical strength by hardwork and self discipline.
Indian yogis save there sexual energy and convert them to spiritual awareness using meditation.
We are not yogis but we can learn from them the art of conserving the vital life force within us.
We can use this energy for increasing intelligence or increasing our physical strength by hardwork and strong mental focus.
It will act as a fuel to reach our destination.


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