Semen Retention?

I know many people are talking about the benefits of semen retention for a life time or the benefits of celibacy for phenomenal success quoting very famous and successful people but…
It is totally natural and healthy to want to be in an intimate relationship with someone.
As a Christian I would argue that God created us for relationship. He created us for an intimate relationship with one person and also to have lots of other less intimate relationships.
Most people on this site if not all want this in which case everlasting semen retention is neither realistic or desirable. The difference is that when you lose your semen there will be a beautiful woman to receive it. You will be connecting with another soul in a deep and meaningful way rather than connecting with meaningless explicit images and videos on a screen which only serves to make the person involved in this more empty and depressed.
So when you engage in sex with your spouse will you feel depleted?
Maybe but you will also be forming and strengthening deep bonds of connection which will also invigorate you.
Additionally this depletion may lead to the creation of new life if you are not using contraceptives and she will be receiving nutrients from your semen methinks. lol
The self control learned doing no fap will hopefully be useful in a marriage because realistically you won’t be having sex as much as you would like particularly once children arrive and also as the relationship cools off and matures.
So in my opinion God designed sex and made it pleasurable and a bonding experience with the creation of new life in mind.
So sex with your wife is good.
Self sex is bad particularly when it gets out of control as we’ve all discovered.
So personally the ideal goal would be semen retention until I’m married but not forever.

Just my thoughts feel free to comment because I’ve probably overcomplicated it and waffled a bit


Totally agree with you. Unfortunately there are some on here that are twisting the meaning of nofap and giving bad advice. Advice they do not even follow themselves. I also think some are so fearful of sex they preach about celibacy which is ridiculous as those same people fap to porn about once a month.

Nofap is about getting back those feelings and giving them to your woman.


I like this and I am capable of this much, but not life long :sweat_smile:. We can restart retention later after we become pacified as there is something called self realization also. :sweat_smile:
We have to do our best. Just like lifelong celibacy seems impractical, lifelong slavery to lust in any form is also impractical and not recommended.


nicely said!
I think it belongs to the tendency nowadays to only see extremes. Something is either good or bad.
There is nothing in between.

our problem is watching porn, fapping, edging, masturbation and so on. The things we do compulsively. (The precise description of ones problem can vary from person to person.)
That doesn’t mean that we have to cut everything out of our life that is somehow related to porn and masturbation but only the parts we do compulsively or assist or compulsive behavior.

I currently see it as two different things. There is nofap and on the other side semen retention / celibacy . The goal of our community should mainly be nofap. If people see benefits in semen retention for their life than that is okay but it shouldn’t be mixed with nofap.
nofap describes that we wanna change our compulsive behavior. semen retention is done to change your life style which helps some people to feel better. it is more like a life-guidance. It belongs as much to the forum as advice to meditation, nutrients and hobbies. These are things needed to change our life to the better (:see_no_evil: I can’t really express how I feel. Hope it is a bit clear. I stopped to judge it. I just feel that to say, one has to do semen retention is as if I say everyone has to pray to god. It may help some but it is arrogant from me to say everyone has to do it)

maybe it is also, because extreme goals are easier to define. It is easy to say that everything that is even closely related to porn is a relapse. It’s much harder to define good borders. For that you have to know your problem. You have to know which things effect your life, mood and so on and which don’t.


I agree too and what I think is that retention is different to people. It more like you have the control rather it controlling you

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Dear friend,
You have truly complicated a simple subject.
My views on this is simple,

Sex is only for REPRODUCTION
During sex yours whole body energy is milked out in the form of sperms to produce a new life.
One should engage in sex just for making a baby :baby_symbol:
We can kiss, hug our spouse to show our love. Sometimes love is shown without even touching other person. Love is supreme :heart: Love can only set us free from lust & addictions.

Sex is what just rubbing ones genitals against each other. The friction, the emotions & energy mixed together gets blown out in form of ejaculation. Simple mechanism.




With all respect I guess we are entitled to our own opinions and set our own goals.
Personally semen retention within marriage would be unnecessary. Sex is a bonding experience neuroscience has shown this with the release of different chemicals such as oxytocin in particular (some interesting articles online about this).
A couple is bonded together as one through sex which is ideally a life long partnership and a bonded pair can provide good support for each other and children as they raise a family. Quite a traditional view but it makes sense with regard to neuroscience.
So Sex is for bonding, reproduction and pleasure all bundled into one; how economical.
If sex is just for reproduction then you should stop having sex if you think she is pregnant and then wait years before you have sex again until you want another child and stop immediately you think your seed has done it’s work.
How realistic is that? Honestly


The seed if put into women can produce a child.
The seed if ejaculated into condoms or while masturbating is wasted.
The seed if kept inside blosoms into us like a flower.

Flower of love & meditation.
Flower of power,
Flower of unlimited energy.

:rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: :rose: