Semen Retention while with a girl friend

(I’ll try my best to censor words to avoid triggers)

So, I’m on hard mode and have been attempting nothing but hard mode since starting NoFap life over a year ago. Meaning my goal is a 90 day streak with no orgasm with p**n, no masturbation, and complete semen retention.

Now I have a girlfriend. We’ve been dating for a few months and she’s completely aware of my situation and is willing to help.

I’m still willing to have s*x. I can’t begin to describe the level of self control I attempt at while we’re together. I do my best with sexual transmutation and pause or stop altogether when I feel like I’m about to release, but I sometimes don’t stop soon enough. And the cycle restarts.
I also notice an unhealthy goal of having intercourse just so I can cum, and not to be present with her and feel pleasure for the both of us.

I wondering if there is anyone who has been in this situation and has experience with using semen retention while restraining from orgasm with a partner. Have you noticed your motivation for s*x change while retaining? If so, what is your experience, what did you do and how did it help?


Bro, Iam not experienced but I’ve read and heard a lot about the partners in semen retention practicing Karezza. Maybe you can try reading the book named Karezza by Marnia Robbins. She is the wife of Gary Wilson the author of YBOP. The literal translation of Karezza is cuddling and it has a lot of benifits. Ancient Taoists used to practice it since they wanted to retain the benifits of semen retention. I suggest you guys try it.
Best Nofap YouTubers like Seth Alexander, Goldjacketluke etc have talked very highly about this; so It should work. :handshake::handshake::+1::+1:


Hat’s Off to you brother…

Okay so lets talk about this situation.

What I can understand by your words is there is a level of frustration within you.
And that’s obvious as well to have that.

As mentioned by above user karezza or you may find other ways uses by twin flames to unite with partner without sex.

But i think 99% or may be 100% of them are married.
So ur case is different.
And to achieve that in ur case , u both need a very strong mind which can remove frustration not just in conscious brain even in sub concious brain.

My advice would be restrain urself from PMO and too much sexual desires.
Remind even while having sex that there is a deeper level that u can connect with her and that is not just in physical form like this sex.

Sorry i am suggesting this in NoFap community but I think if u keep this frustration building inside.
One day it will reach to max for an outburst.

So Have sex and remove urself from this bondage of frustration.

I hope I could help u in any way :pray:

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