Semen retention or hardmode nofap

Hi no fappers,
I know the difference between no fap and semen retention… but what is the difference between hard mode no fap and semen retention. Which is more beneficial.
I’m on my 4th day of no fap journey
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Effectively, both are in practice one and the same.

NoFap hard mode : No self arousal of any kind, no masturbation, no orgasm, by yourself with partners. Also, goes without saying, NO porn or substitutes whatsoever. Any conscious sexual activity is considered relapse. Wet dreams are the only exclusion from this as they are natural processes and out of our control. Hard Mode Nofappers don’t care about wet dreams.

Semen retention : Focus on conserving semen with the idea that it is a vital life fluid and the basis of our energy, also to prevent the wastage of nutrition that happens while forming and expelling semen. Here too, you must NOT indulge in any forms of self arousal (no looking, no touching, definitely no edging). Although, if you fap away and edge, but don’t come in the name of retaining semen, it will give zero benefits.
The only difference is that in SR, we also try to have control over the wet dreams as well, to not lose the semen at all. In all other aspects Hard mode is synonymous with semen retention. It’s just the ideology difference ie what you choose to believe in.:smile::smile:

There is a normal mode to NoFap as well, No Porn, Masturbation, self arousal etc, but sex with partners is allowed.


Thx for the info, it was very good.

Well i was able to control my wet dreams