Semen Retention, another ancient hoax?

There’s always someone asking in the forum as to whether to retain semen or not? What are its benefits? Is it fake? Is it a hoax? Etcetera.

Usual responses from some self professed ‘experts’ here will be that it isn’t verified by science, you gotta balance everything, it’s pseudoscience, etcetera. The point to be noted is that, most of these ‘experts’ have not even tried semen retention for a period of 90+ days, yet they have the audacity, or should I say hypocrisy, to deny something that they haven’t even tried out. These herp derp retention-haters who have never tried it themselves will constantly yell “NO SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE DERP”.

Also, most of them are in a relationship or have been married. They don’t even want to try this because they have their girlfriends/wives to please, and doing this risks getting dumped.

Ironically, If they were really scientific, they would at least experiment with it for themselves instead of waiting for other lab scientists to confirm it for them.

Most of the benefits of Semen Retention are rooted in eastern religions and Esoteric science. The ‘Pratical Methods to Insure Success’ by E. H Butler is one such book.

One of my favorite quotes from the book:

“It gives a joyous, happy feeling to body and mind: it clears up the intellect so that one can readily understand the most abstruse subjects: it gives strength and decision of character and directness of purpose: a love of refinement, purity, goodness, honour, justice, and morality: in every conceivable direction it adds to the capacity of mind and body, a process of growth which will steadily continue.”

The common benefits of Semen Retention are following:

Glowing face.
More energy.
More confidence
Less anxiety.
Increased social skills.
Highly motivated to succeed.
Highly motivated to do more.
Highly motivated to approach real women.
Increased fat loss.
Increased muscle growth.
Improved workouts.
Improved sporting performance.
Deeper voice.
Improved skin.
Thicker hair.
Increased hair growth (Facial, body and hair).
Less sleep required.
Brighter eyes.
Clearer skin.
Improved body language.
More alpha male behaviours.
Increased attention from women.
More respect from men.
Improved memory.
Removal of brain fog
A cure to hair loss.
Better sex.
Thicker/longer penis.
Acne reduction.
High sex drive.
Controlled aggression.
Feelings of power.
Improved relationships.
Improved immunity.
Increased stamina.

These benefits may seem too good to be true but there’s only one way to find out–Let’s try Semen Retention for 180 days.
NO PORN, NO Fapping, No Ejaculation.

Finally, I would again quote E.H Bulter “These promises are of such an extraordinary nature, that they may call forth doubt and criticism : we do not object to that, but would ask you not to condemn anything until you know it to be unworthy.The habit of denouncing things about which you know nothing, dwarfs the intellect, stupefies the sensibilities, and retards normal growth; therefore, deny nothing, no matter how absurd it seems, until you know better.”