Semen retension in relationship

Is there anybody who is in relationship or married and doing nofap. I want to know how they manage there sexual life what are the affect of its on daily life like confidence social Enxiety concentration etc .
If anyone doing semen retension in sexual life and how long they not ejaculate or not orgasm and methods and habits require.

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I’m not a professional, but here’s what’s been working for me:
First of all, sex with my wife and masturbation create two very different results for me. Porn and masturbation leaves me feeling dirty, ashamed, so on. Sex with my wife is the opposite. It creates a bond and builds self-esteem.
So, I don’t worry about stopping sex with her too, since they are such different things for me. (It seems kind of weird that they can be so similar and so different at the same time, I don’t know how to explain it better, but it just makes sense.)
One thing I am trying to do is limit sex to when my wife wants to. Meaning, I try not to talk her into it every time I feel like it.
Going along with that I am making an extra effort to be respectful.

To sum it up, exercise self-control, but don’t make your spouse go without.


Does your spouse know about your journey to quit pornography?

Talking about it is always difficult, but the best thing for your relationship will be talking with each other about it to find a plan that will work for both of you.

Good luck on your journey :+1:

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I did not watch porn or masturbation since more that one year I think it’s just 2 years… We both enjoy our sexual life… But the problem is that I know the benefits of hardmode before my marriage and after my sexual life those benefits are gone. That’s why I want to go on the path of semen retention with wife… But don’t know how to do.

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Well said brother.
Sex with wife or girlfriend or fiancee without porn is the organic sex and this is without any external foreign disturbance.

I am searching for the way to control orgasm during sex. Once I did for a week but after that it was difficult… That’s why I am searching for the person who did and experiance for long time

You wanna chat with me regarding this?

If you gone through karezza than… Share your experience… If not you may leave topic

I am with you on your statement. I started doing this in order to make my relationship better with my wife. I am on day 5 with no PM but the “O” isn’t going to stop because of my wife. If she isn’t satisfied then no amount of benefit gained would be worth it. My wife and I did the deed last night and I agree, the feeling you get after intercourse is pleasant and enjoyable and I am left feeling satisfied and closer to my spouse vs when I masturbate I feel selfish, unsatisfied and craving more. Not to mention the porn factor needed to achieve climax during masturbation. Unless your wife is on board with your semen retention goal, I wouldn’t recommend cutting her off sexually. Just my opinion though.


I wil attach an e book for karezza,.which is focus on coitus reservitus.
You have sex without ejaculation.
Organic sex such as tantric sex and karezza focuses on two factors -
1.No foreign substances such as drug,weed,pills for longer time,no porn.
2.To love the partner in a non sexual manner deeply before you engage in order to get the maximum benefit to the highest level possible.
I am not able to attach that book in pdf here

You have your telegram or discord app?

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