Semen leakage issues

Hi there!
Before I found this community, I used to just try to deal with these issues on my own. But it’s comforting to see others like me facing and overcoming these horrible issues caused due to our poor choices as kids.
I’ve been doing NoFap for some time but I keep failing due to semen leakage. Originally, I would wake up in the morning and it would leak after urinating. But now, when I went on a 5 day streak, I suddenly had thoughts that I tried to stop by doing pushups and squats, but eventually started to leak pre ejaculate. At that point, I gave in because I don’t know what happens to the fluid if it’s not ejaculated after leakage. I dont know if I did it due to fear or just pleasure. But I regret it and try to do better.
Does anyone have any tips on this?
Much appreciated!

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hey there brother, same thing happens to me too.
I believe the leak from when we wake up is a product of “wet dreams”.

It is the natural excretion of our body in response to our journey with NOFAP routines.
And no, you dont need to fear it. It is okay if it leaks as it is getting rid of the excess fluids in a NATURAL process.

I recommend just wiping it off or letting it leak for a couple of seconds until no more.

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Thank so much for your reply.
I do agree that it could be a cause of wet dreams. Since usually I would get them in the morning.
But lately, usually friday nights, I get this urge and I try very hard to stop it. But sometimes I leak, after going through the whole day.
And usually when that happens, it makes it easier for more leakage and even arousal. And, I’m not sure what happens to the fluid that’s still inside my system. As in, does my body reabsorb it and just go back to normal after leakage?

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Erections tend to result to precum most specially when fighting very strong urges.

Im not that much of a scientist expert about this but I very much believe that the fluid is absorbed back to our body if not excreted instantly.

sooner when asleep, wet dreams will take place to continue the excretion naturally without having to masturbate.

I believe the absorption of fluid back to the body is one reason for our increase in testosterone levels. Which leads us to multiple benefits of semen retention and nofap.

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Thank you for your response! I will be strong and I know you will be too! We can overcome this!

I am no expert, but I think leakage has to do with masturbating excessively nand in a brutal way. When you masturbate too hard, your muscles in charge of retaining the semen inside the prostate gland get weaker and you have less control over them. I think this is why leaking is very common when you begin NoFap. But don’t worry, this will eventually return back to normal after some time. Meanwhile, the best way to help your body heal is to avoid sexual stimulation.
hope this helps,
Have a nice day!:grin:

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Hello brother,
For a couple years, unfortunately I didn’t really know the ‘safe’ (as in the least damaging) way to fap. And so instead, I would press against the covers and mattress and unfortunately, that may have caused some damages. I do agree that over time it could heal itself. I’m just trying to be strong! Thank you! :slight_smile:

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My suggestions would be

  1. NoFap hard mode
  2. Cold water bathing
  3. Avoid meat, onion and garlic for minimum 120 days.
  4. Do meditation and yoga
  5. Whenever you get urges. Ask for forgiveness and please be lenient to yourself. Its natural.
  6. Try waking before 7am. Its the limit.

I can assure you success because point 3 has kept me on 35 days of complete semen retention.

Peace be with you brother. Stay strong.


Hello, thank you brother!
I have been doing the majority of those (with some difficulties) except for number 3. That’s new to me! Thank you for the advice!

I do agree with 1st, 2nd 4th and 6th point however not with 3rd and 5th because it’s illogical. Cold showers daily is a must-do to keep your thinking sharp and meditation to keep your thoughts clean, empty and up to date. Waking up early gives you that boost to get after the day.

Okay so, I went 100+ days, as an athlete eating clean diet (including meat). Don’t bring “no meat” bs into this, because it’s irrelevant. Eat healthy foods overall. Also onion and garlic? Saying no to antioxidants? It just saddens me that people spread false information about nutrition.

Also 5th point - asking for forgiveness? What? Feeling sorry for youself and feeling down due to the addiction? No, I’m not about that. Get up, go work out, study or better yourself instead. Grind. Use the energy.

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Its right upto you my dear friend.
But for smooth sailing one needs to adjust accordingly. That’s why I mentioned 120 days minimum strictly because he is struggling with his leaky tap. :man_shrugging:
Even I am an athlete but I do derive my sources from plant and milk based products plus my BMI is 24. And 160 days of NoFap and 25 days of Semen Retention. Again I am repeating, its upto him you what to follow. I plainly gave my ‘suggestions’
And regarding forgiveness, many are being really hard on themselves. While beating their meat mercilessly and during NoFap for relapsing and nightfalls. Recovery is roller coaster ride. Staying focussed with virtue will keep the head about the shit always.
Hope you get it clearly.

Let’s be honest here, BMI doesn’t tell you anything, it’s one of the worst calculations for measuring strenght for athlete… BMI doesnt measure fat / muscle ratio. What kind of sport are you into? I’m really curious.
Of course, if you’re vegan, you do you, just don’t mix this with semen retention as it’s not something that could be connected in any way.

But sure, I get it - no worries, I do agree with most of your suggestions 100%.

Stay sharp.

I do agree BMI is a silly indicator. But the matter of fact being barely anyone of us here even show our display pic in this platform. Therefore I consider BMI to be an apt indicator for this.

I am into Soccer and 10 km marathon running.

And I ain’t a vegan. As I did mention I do consume milk based products. Vegans are showing their big hearts and pockets to stay alive on synthetic powder based nutrition. But prefer to stay as natural as possible without harming animals in the first level of consumption. :crossed_fingers:

And please do google into brahmacharya lifestyle. It strictly prohibits a person to do the above suggestions for 12 years. But I will be honest, its next to impossible for the current lifestyle the people living today. But my friend @Yitzchak seem to be in grave problem which I did cure to a great extent.

Being dead honest, Brahmacharya is an Indian version of NoFap monk mode to be precise. You are most welcome to ask for help for further details.


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