Semen leakage during urination

Hi everyone.

I have a bit of a random question. I have noticed that on long streaks I struggle with semen leakage.

I have been experiencing it from around day 22 now. What happens is that when I finish peeing, it feels like there is still some left. When I push really hard semen comes out. It is not precum, but white like actual cum. Anyone else experience this?

It happens randomly throughout the day, without any boners or sexual thoughts. Is it my bodies natural way of ridding it of excess semen?

Don’t worry about it. You are healing!


I’ve experienced this in the bathroom as well. Don’t pay it any attention. Like BoomerangNebula said, you’re healing.

The body is used to releasing our vital energy and nutrients on a regular basis, it will take some time for it to return to its natural state. I’ve seen that it affected me the most when I’d relapse after going about 2 weeks or longer. With time, our bodies will heal, GOD willing.


Thanks for the replies guys. Glad I am not the only one experiencing this.

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