Semen, its magical powers and how to find them (in proper sources)

Morning guys! I just woke up, wanted to check something and suddenly stumbled, again, on a post where it is claimed that semen and semen retention gives us super powers and has in general stone seemingly supernatural properties.

Therefore, after getting to my day 69 today I need to raise this question…

Where do you find all this information? Each of you who knows any such properties, please, list them here but together with scientific evidence!

I’m a scientist, you see, therefore I try not to believe anything for which I do not have some basis…

Open question - scientific evidence for benefits of seven retention


As someone who was a hardcore atheist earlier, and of course a fan of science and an aspiring scientist myself (well these days I’m despising pure science so I might just stick with my applied science), I had a few experiences which no “science” can explain. It occured to me that not everything can be explained with the current established science. So while I’ve got nothing as an “evidence” and since you’re a scientist you’d want to break the semen into its components (I guess the main component there is fructose) I still support the idea of semen retention. Thats my personal take, since no one responded to you.


Thanks for response and honest opinion! Although I must say, I didn’t see any specifics, I get what you’re saying - and I’m not of the opinion that science explains everything. Even worse, the closer you are to science the more you realize how certain things may need unexplained or even explained incorrectly!

And I’m not necessarily seeking to understand the whole idea in terms of composition of the fluid in question but rather things like comparing some kind of sample population of people practicing semen retention to another control group which does not and see, whether one compared to the other indeed had some advantages.

Anyway, I’m intrigued and kind of want to ask you, since you support the idea - what benefits you feel you are gaining?

My personal benefits are like I have more strength. I had relapsed 2 days back after months of nofap (had wet dreams so I wasn’t on total semen retention)
I felt pathetic af after that. Badly weak, as if my body was aching. I realized I had normalized this weakness when I was an addict. Now 2 days later I’m feeling better.
Another benefit would be a glowing face(the glow is also seemingly enhanced after exercise) and a slightly sharper mind(but that’s probably because I’m not obsessed about sex all the time, the brain is supposed to focused on tasks)


It’s good to know that you’re willing to cut yourself slack and not stand firmly by science. So if you just want to know the benefits maybe seek Ayurvedic views on this. But they speak of Brahmacharya, where mind and body both are kept away from women (obviously since if you don’t fap but lust too hard for a woman you’ll get frequent nightfalls and well it’s certainly not good at all). Nofap is just one part of Brahmacharya.

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I’ve experienced same benefits, I’ve also experienced better muscle growth apart from these benefits.
My focus period and consistency in studies also increased when I was on a good streak, though this might be because of leaving the addiction in general.

But whenever I experience a nightfall I am significantly weaker and less focused the next day, so that is something to note for sure.


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