Self Conquering Challenge [Entries close]🔥

So @slave_of_allah vs @ysub
In the end!

Sorry brother you’ve won

I relapsed 4days back, but forgot to tell here.

I am seriously disappointed in myself, been stuck in this loop of 1day and 2day streak again…

Motivate urself for 5 day streak first brother…
U can do it

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Currently I am living without purpose, at home because of lockdown, no online classes, nothing to do, also I live without my parents, so alone at home, only thing is phone. My Mba is over, been applying for jobs since December, still didn’t get any job.
In sha allah, Allah will bring a job my way, I need to put effort, havent applied any job for the past 15days, gotta put effort.

Dont worry brother… Keep trying… U will find ur way…
Meanwhile improve ur skills… Technical fields are prosperous now…
All the best

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