Seeking Discussion - Feel Alone in this Fight

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Why I want a companion:
I’ve never fully discussed my problem with anyone else before and it’s eating me up inside. I feel like uninhibited discussion would help me break the back of my problem. I’ve been in a relationship for 3 years and I feel like I am lying every day in order to cover up the sheer embarrassment of my situation. Have have erectile dysfunction as a result of this, however have always said that this only happened due to an injury I had during my teens. My girlfriend is a very supportive person and I know she would want me to tell her, but previous attempts at initiating such a discussion has resulted in her not being able to understand why I don’t just choose to stop and then stop. It’s difficult. But yeah, if anyone wants to chat and share experiences I would absolutely love some company in this.



Let’s change the history in 2k22 :blush: Good Luck!!

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If you want I can be your companion. I also have porn addiction and erectile dysfunction. I am almost 19 years old, I am from Moldova. At the moment I have a series of 181 days. My code v11h5u

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