Seeking advice from you awesome guys

The only thing that pesters me after 50-60 days is the extreme energy stored inside myself… I get overwhelmed and consumed by it… I have to beat that, but I don’t know how to… Anyone got any advice?


Work on building your new self, go after some healthy habits. Perhaps set a goal of doing a set amount of healthy habits each day and challenge yourself to do so. Or you could go after a new “project”, think about what you want in life. I’m sure there’s something you can invest your time in.


I can relate. The usual answers would be finding a creative outlet, or work, or use it to meet friends or to travel or to do something else that you find enjoyable (other than lazily consuming content/material).

But I also know that unless you are expending the energy constantly and constructively at a good pace, sometimes it piles up and then gets released/triggered in a way that feels unpleasant, such as in the form of an experience of anger. If that occurs, one can practice experiencing or holding the emotion/energy without pushing it down or suppressing it, and releasing it in acceptable ways. In some such situations I have only found relief in exercising or doing push-ups or other workouts on an urgent basis. If anger is a part of what you feel (and it looks like it is), you might want to search YouTube for videos on how to channel anger without suppressing it - they actually teach you to allow, experience, and channel anger (warning: there can be lots of grunting involved!). There is good material on other placs on the net, too.

Whatever you do, if you can’t hold it as energy/emotion, then you must let it out in one of the ways. Otherwise it will turn back against you in the form of destructive habits or unproductive thought patterns. Btw, you said you have to “beat that” - it’s not something you can beat, it’s much bigger than the mental/intellectual aspect of you. You must honor it as part of your very source and have it work in your favor.

As people who have trained ourselves over several years to numb our emotions through some kind of addiction or the other, the (re)experiencing of strong emotions can be painful and disorienting to the extent of being maddening. However, it shows that your journey of rewiring is on course, and it is inviting as well as challenging you to be a different version of yourself - one who knows how to confidently permit himself to feel what he feels and then move on. Be gentle and patient with yourself as you learn this, and be willing to gradually reach out, talk to people, and make connections that you may not have considered making before. Be open even to major life changes/choices, if that’s what you are led to in the course of following your way. Hope this helps… Be well.


it really was helpful and insightful… Will definitely remember your important words of wisdom… Great help, thank you very much, mate.

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Ok, that’s a great idea, but if I divert my attention to something else which might not be effective/fruitful in real life but may still divert my mind will you suggest me doing that in those periods, like playing games or binge watching movies or something? Or do you think that this will create another monster bad habit?

And thanks for replying in the first place.

I mean, those habits can become addictive too, in a bad way also. Just like watching porn. It also depends on you though.

What I like to do is making use of an app like “Loop habits”. I have a set of healthy habits there, like learning Japanese, working out, being social with people and so on. So I check that list throughout the day and tick things that I do. That reminds me of strengthening my good habits. You can have playing games or watching a movie as a healthy habit in there too, as long as it’s part of another couple of healthy habits per day, see? I know that sometimes because of studies, work and so on, it’s kind of difficult to get a decent amount but try to find a minimum of healthy habits that you could do. If that goes well over time, top it up by one healthy habit more. And so on.

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Very well said :star_struck:

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

In Yoga there is Tribandha Practice for channeling body energy in proper way.