See sexy images is it a relapse?

Hey, guys and girls. I want to know what do you think about this: See images of sexy girls is it a relapse?
Almost everytime that I relapse I don’t see porn videos, I just see nude pics, that starts with this sexy images that I talk before.
I always think about it, and I want to hear your opinion.
Thanks for the help.

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Yup I take it as a Relapse… As seeing the pics gives the brain the dopamine for which it has been craving…


imagine the ancestors, how many women do you think they saw in their lives?

If you consume this type of content, a dopamine is generated, which leads to a mediocre mentality

example I’m seeing pretty girls, now I’m seeing sexy girls, now I’m seeing naked girls and so on

It’s just anticipating your relapse

Dopamine is never enough, your brain is always asking for more.


Bro in my opinion no it is not a relapse simply bcuz it did not get you to the PMO cycle. However it will slow your healing process and make your journey even harder.
think of your addiction as a wound and right now its healing searching for sexy girls or images is like scratching that wound it is not harmful at first. But too much scratching will open the wound and it will start bleeding. Same thing goes for triggers if you keep seeking and searching for them eventually you will relapse.
And I know for a fact you dont want that do you ?
If I were you I would close my laptop and phone and go out for a walk if you cant bcuz quarantine in brazil. Do some exercises at home

And never ever search for triggering content again

Hugs from your arabian brother :v:


It is generally a first stage of relapse (just the starting) and trust me it doesn’t ends well… your brain will trick you to watch first pics of hot girls then nude pics of hot girls and eventually porn and then you’ll fap eventually… which is a problem but the major problem is that how it really affects your thoughts and your sub concious mind… see, when you watch a nude girl you watch her with full lust… you don’t have any type of feelings for her just lust… which is ethically wrong in its own way… but it’s ok we are not talking ethics here… but because of this what happens is that you eventually see every other girls with that lust… you don’t want to see them like that… but it’s your sub concious mind playing tricks…and I don’t think I need to tell you how bad that dopamine is… especially in this case when it is just half dopamine… your brain will seek for the other half of dopamine… so this is one problem… next comes that the girls you see in those pictures have a perfect figure that arouses you but in reality we all know that it is not the case… in real life no one gets a girl like that and because of the habit of being aroused by those girls you might not get aroused by your own wife… and that may create sexual problems for you… (ED and PE)… and ask yourself do you really want to see girls in that way?? Don’t you wanna see girls with respect?? I’m sure you do… think about your future wife or girlfriend… do you wanna cheat her because of your addiction?? Because for me if my gf watches some other dude then it is a cheating… and trust me when you fully rewire your brain you will see girls differently… you’ll see love in a different way… like nowadays what does it means to be in a relationship?? It simply means that you’ll get sex… no one now feels that love… which is much much much bigger that sex and will provide you with oxytocin a far better chemical than dopamine… try rewiring your brain… and see the difference…


Before you decide, just remember that peeking is horrible and detrimental-but nothing is worse than an all-out binge session of PMO.


Actually bcoz of this I fapped at 28 days then 24days then 24days in the past 3 months… After every 3 weeks this thought use to pop in my brain which I am now regretting for…
But finally I found a companion of warriors here who are really helping to see the world and rewire the brain the way I wanted for… Man Lukin at sexy images take it as a relapse otherwise during flatline it will surely attack endless no of time.,… No watching sexy images means no triggering means no chance of relapse


Well, that’s nice. I liked to see different perspectives about this, and now I decided: Since today, see this images is gonna be a relapse.
Thanks for the comments and opinions, guys, you helped me so much.


I would avoid these images if possible. It just makes relapsing that much easier. It’s like giving an alcoholic endless bottles of alcohol.

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I support this statement, too because one of the reason of doing nofap is for reducing that high dopamine given by a relapse :face_with_monocle:

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