Say no to PMO.Say no to Fap.Say no to urges

Day 4.No PMO.Feeling motivated and trying to fight the brain.Today I did exercise for 45 minutes.


Day 9 .No PMO.Still sometime I feel restless and my brain think imaginary porn scenes.So,I’m fighting to get rid of all these.
“I can.I will.”

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I don’t think fighting urges is a good idea because u will never win. Urges are natural and they are inevitable so urges are not smth u can win against with, they are smth u must accept us part of nature and let them pass through u.

Yesterday I relapsed .It just happened .I was feeling a urge to scratch my balls as I was doing this I just goes and goes and relapsed.So,i have started my PMO leaving journey again.

Happens to me too. Most of the relapses I had is from simply touching genitals for no reason, then it develops into a full on urge, and pften ends in edging. I will control it. Don’t even touch unnecessarily.

Day 3

No PMO.Fighting the urges inside me.I will overcome.

Day 10
No PMO.Sometimes I get urge to scratch my genitals but I’m controlling myself.Say no to urges.Say no to bad thoughts.Let’sclean the mind.

Day 12
I’m still on my journey of no PMO.Sometimes,I have a dream of fucking a girl and then after this when I woke up urges came do something bad.But i control myself and put myself on straight path.

Day 14
No FAP.Say no to PMO.Today, when I go for shower I had urges and thoughts to masturbate but I resist and thought about my no fap journey.So, I avoided those thoughts and still fighting to complete 90 days hard mode.


Today again I fapped. My longest streak is 27 days .So, after 27 days I fapped.I feel low and down.This happens due to porn thoughts which I watched and then erection and fapping.Now again I’m starting my journey of no fap.90 days hard mode.

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I’m feeling good and healthy more attentive and focused.after 13 days I’m still going to break my 27 days streak.Keeping the urges away and telling the mind that this is temporary and will destroy you.

Day 15

No PMO.say no to pmo. Also to bad thoughts.