Say in thoughts "This time it's gonna be different!" everytime the urge pops up


Whenever your hand reaches bad places, you want to open bad sites or you got triggered say to yourself “This time it’s gonna be different!”.

This method worked in my previous streak, so I wanted to share.


Great point! I found that I have to do something every single time I think a sexual thought, be it an imagination or the memory of an incident or whatever else. If I catch myself trying to pursue that tangent, I sound out the word ‘No’. To me it means no to the temptation, no to encouraging that thought, no to allowing it to grow, and a big no to indulging my habit. Even if it is a tiny whisper, it helps to hear myself verbalising my resolve. So now I say no to the devil each time I want to excercise self control and I realised that I’m actually pretty strong willed when I nip the thought at the bud. So it helps to get the words out of your mouth. That increases your faith and you begin to operate in a very different way.