Save me from relapse

I’m most time triggered by social media specially insta and youtube . I delete insta but i again reinstall it . , I just couldn’t stop using these sites. i fear that I will sooner or later will loose control over myself and will relapse after being triggered by these sites as i’m just on day 1 of nofap.

how to prevent these sites?


Bro what I can tell you… delete instagram and limit your youtube usage to only imp video to watch or rather delete it too atleast for some days :fire::fire:or you can use any app off timer if you are using them too much…


Yo , social websites cause most of the relapses.
Disabling them temporarily is best but if you can, limit the usage totally . I am dead serious, stop using it rn.
YouTube though, is tough amidst home study.
I use YouTube and I seriously don’t see any triggers but, if such things come up, I look away .
Don’t blame the internet these things exist, looking away is easier than changing the internet.


i’ll better delete insta and block the playstore and youtube. Anybody knows good app blocker application?

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Blocksite mod APK, wait I’ll upload it and send you the link. just a minute. It’s easy to use and setup .

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Here you go bud, as I promised

thnx a lot for this.

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Another thing, when you think you are going to relapse like you are going to pull out your thing and wank it, calm down, and say to yourself, the benefits of NoFap.
Today I was a bit pressured but then, I said to myself the benefits of NoFap, which helped me calm down and later, I was free.
Cold showers also help a lot.


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