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Hello Guys


Yesterday I took a Pledge that I will break my previous record of 34 days streak on Nofap.

Today I am just giving an update about how I spent my first day without PMO. Today I completed 1st day successfully. I managed to filter out all the distractions today. The day wasn’t much productive but I kept myself busy with studies, listened to music that calms me, talked to my parents and made plans about how I want to make this week productive.

And by breaking record I don’t mean to imply that after having practiced Nofap for 35 days I’ll relapse again. No I won’t. I have just set 35 as a first milestone in my journey of Nofap. There will be many more milestones, and I intend to accomplish all of them. I’ll be posting an update daily.

#34days to go!!!

Thank You All


Don’t be too ambitious. Start with one day. Live it the best way. Than do the same with the next day. Add 20 more minutes to studying tomorrow and work out.
Good luck brother :wink:

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Hello all

14 days ago I made a commitment to myself and to all my brother’s here that I’ll come strong out of this vicious cycle of PMO in my second attempt at Nofap (1st attempt-34days streak).

I know I am no where near the old record but I am nearer to my goal in comparison to where I was before. I intend to destroy this PMO habit of mine and become the best version of myself.

I want to tell you all that I have been someone who used to jack off atleast Twice a day(sometimes Thrice a day!!!), And if I can stretch my streak to 14 days in one go then many of you guys who didn’t jack off this much can do much better than me.

There are some immediate results of increased physical energy, if you have deleted all that porn material that you had on your mobile or laptop, then you would not feel anxious about handing over your unlocked phone to someone, you will not be exhausted all the time, you would be willing to go out of your home to take walks. I have started to feel these benefits. These are very minute benefits but still I feel happy about experiencing them. You all should also strive for experiencing these rather than fool yourself by giving in to urges for those pseudo-pleasures that are meant to make you feel like shit in the long term.

Every morning I remind myself about all these benefits and the same before going to bed. I will be sharing my progress with you all periodically.

Don’t give up!!!


Congrats! :tada:

Keep that positive mental attitude. Your future is only going to get brighter from here. :sunrise_over_mountains:

Stay Focused, Stay Clean, Stay Healthy and Stay Happy :v:

Nicholas/24/VA Beach, VA :us:


Congratulations on your 14 days streak… Keep going @satya3456 :clap::muscle: