Saransh's diary- Feeling crushed after relapse

After maintaining my streak for 7 days, relapsed just now. Had a wet dream last night and was feeling different the moment I woke up. I thought the urge will fade but it defeated me. I lost control in that moment of weakness. I will try again and hopefully get rid of this soon. There are too many failures in this journey and that makes it emotionally hard sometimes to start again from zero.


Hi Saransh123, 7days are great. Don’t sel-guilt yourself. This time stretch it longer. If you like to join me from start this is my code 2df3gs. I am searching for a companion with whom i communicate and share.

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7 days nofap is always better than 1 days of nofap. You didn’t fap for 7 days . Be +ve

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Don’t be hard on yourself. But do try to learn from your experience. What could’ve been done differently to ease your reliance on willpower? Brainstorm :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, let’s get in touch.:blush:

Yes, trying to stay positive.

Yes, I am thinking about my mistakes. But i have failed so many times to quit this in my life that I feel like a total failure today. I don’t want to do it but I still end up doing it. It’s hard to forgive myself after what I do.

Sorry for being a little negative. Relapse effect.