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hy, new guy here. I am not able to hold the urges of edging and relapsing more than 2-3 days. affecting my study targets by a significant margin. Especially this fuckin* mind is not able to sit and control the edging urges which eventually intensify the urges to nuts.


It’s going to be hard end of story, the question is are you going to be harder and in control?


Welcome to the community. I’m proud of you for taking that step towards helping yourself break free of this terrible addiction.

It is possible for you to break free. Absolutely, without a doubt. You are more than capable, you have what it takes. If you can be free for a day, you can be free for a lifetime. Going a full 24 hours without pornography or masturbation of any kind means you have enough self-control to achieve it.

Trust me, you can control yourself. If not, you would be in an asylum. There are people who cannot control themselves. They masturbate in public, in lecture halls and on public transport and park benches, and asylums are where we put them in society. No, you have self-control. The problem is that you abuse your self-control, as all of us have done for years, in search of temporary pleasure.

The way out is by seeking and working towards genuine pleasure. True fulfillment. I know that you have a desire to be free of this addiction. You want to reclaim your life, that’s why you joined this forum. You want to excel in your studies and become successful. But you forget that when the temptation to masturbate to pornography returns. You have to become deeply connected to your reasons for being free. Remind yourself of them daily, especially when the urges arise. Those reasons will give you the strength to overcome any urge.

Never insult your mind, brother. The human mind is the most fascinating object in nature. All the stars in all the galaxies cannot compare to the universe of wonder within your mind. ChatGPT has nothing on you. You have the ability to focus your mind on the object of your desires, and it will generate the ideas and motivation required to help uou achieve them. But if the object of your desires is pornography and masturbation, how can we blame it for leading us where we wanted to go? Recognise that desiring to be sober for 18 hours and then changing our minds when night comes is not the fault of our minds, but a disconnect between us and our true aspirations in life. So reconnect yourself and decide on permanent sobriety.

We are here with you brother. New start, keep going strong.


thanks buddy for this. Really thinking about few past incidents I realised that being calm, silent with no action at all while taking that back sit when your mind is throwing you the urges or anything shitt is the actual deal.

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Day 1, i had countless sexual urges looking out some pretty hot girls out there but i just simply sit back and watch out these urges coming and going with peace. I didn’t fo the shit of edging. Good.
Day 2, and I replased. I am disgusted a bit by why i even started to try the edging process just out of bore or fun. I should have watched out my mind. We tend to know almost all of the solutions to any of our problems. So the solution is, you fucking bustard for the next 7 days not going to edge even for fun, out of bore, or anything else.
Be quiet and get out of your place whenever the thoughts start getting intense, survive it being a 3rd person. Be occupied with your work. practice the meditation.

just remember one basic stuff, why did you start moron? why??

consistency, brings you as if moving on a bicycle to a sedan, and then to that with a nitro boost, eventually a sound rocket’s pace to the finishing line of any of the upheaval tasks.

they are the sauce for the next 7 days. thanx @Forerunner.
Let’s start again.

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Read this short book, brother. It’s only about 15 pages long. I believe the insights will help you. Especially considering what you said about Day 1 and the urges from women in public.

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Day 2 20 hrs, staying strong, going good. Obviously had thoughts upcoming. I just look them passing by and recalled that “Why?”.

Don’t edge buddy. do not.
Push through your limits.

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Thanks buddy, I will read this surely @Forerunner.

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