Rules for NoFAP


I have jus started my challenge. Though I know the ground rules of not watching porn and no fapping.
Using insta where we normally glance models or seeing a model in a bikini or something, is that fine. And in the long run is it allowed to watch porn without fapping…maybe with girlfriend jus fooling around…or is it that we ban it for life?


I hope you won, good luck mate. Stay away from porn. Porn makes you dumb and destroy ur pesonal life.


Nofap is not a competition or a challenge (if you just wanna do it for the challenge then you are probably wrong in this forum)
In a competition or challenge you try to go to the edge of what is “legal” to win. But this is changing your life. It is about getting away from porn.

So, what do you think. Do you feel good peaking at models because they look hot? is it okay to surge for hot bikini babes on youtube because youtube isn’t porn? why should it be nice to watch a porn? porn is always objectifying girls


I would like to re-phrase… What I meant by insta models is…I frequently use Instagram…and I follow some good looking babes but I do not peak or fap to them…I use it like any other person…my clarification was…will that hinder my progress…and I would like to apologise for using the word challenge…it’s a process or reinventing ourseleves…and it would be great if I got an answer for my last question!

Watching anything Erotic on Gadgets eg. TV, phones is a Relapse. Note that down sir.
Beside gadgets Watching anything Erotic on magazines, newspapers, also hearing erotica is a Relapse.

What you will learn as you continue this journey is that you make the rules. Decide on rules that you can follow and are achievable. Once you have done that then maybe you want to cut out another thing and the next rule is NO to this or it is a relapse.

PMO free traditionally means no Porn, Masturbation or Orgasm. You can be P, M or O free separately or in any combination. I recently completed 100 Days+ M free. I proved to myself I can do this, so now I am trying to be PM free. No more watching porn without masturbation!

Now comes a more complicated question: What is porn?

Many would say it is anything that is sexual that you consume from media that gives you a ‘high’. You know the one.

Some would say it is the traditional definition of porn; intentionally erotic material made with the objective of inducing sexual arousal.

The second is much more lenient as you can still technically watch insta girls, look up hot chicks on fb or google and consume lots of sexy music videos etc etc without it being considered a relapse. Only when you can see sexual organs or are watching sex or masturbation content will it be considered a relapse.

The first involves a lot of being self aware and honest with yourself that what you are consuming is giving you this high and if you consume it that you will reset your counter and consider it a relapse. This is essentially the ultimate ‘rewire’ as you are completely removing the habit.

I am currently going PM free under the tradituonal definition of porn. This is a realistic goal for me as it is achievable and still very challenging. Once I have proven to myself I can do this then I will define porn as anything that gives me that arousing ‘high’ in order to continue to cut out the addiction.

I don’t personally have interest in semen retention or going ‘O’ free as it means you cannot have sex or have wet dreams and to me they are both natural and important things so I am never ‘O’ free intentionally.

I am describing this in such great detail to encourage you to look at your options and decide what is right for you right now. Maybe only P free. Maybe only M free. Maybe you only cut down to softcore porn for a bit (Not reccommending this but its your journey). For clarity, ‘hard mode’, as it is coined in a very gamer-like way, is being PMO free. Best of luck :slight_smile: If you want to try a gamer-y sort of challenge I am running a streak counting reward based thread, the “Challenges for 4/7/15/30…” etc etc, feel free to join if that would help :+1:


If you want to fool around with girlfriend but no porn no masturbation this is called “Normal Mode”. @slimshadz

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Thanks a ton… means a lot and this has given me a clear idea on what I have to focus first and progress. And I think even I would follow ur strategy…first try Mfree and then move on to PM free…triedany times to go cold turkey jus to find myself on a relapse…guess your suggestion will be helpful. And it feels good to talk to someone ,when you can’t talk abt it easily to ppl.

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I guess the only way is to uninstall insta if that will really hamper my progress

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Bro porn is more toxic than masturbation , at one stage masturbating 1 or 2 times a month is okay (not recommended ) , but porn is completely shit , it destroys your relationship , mind , happiness
Quitting porn is more important than quitting masturbation and If you continue watch insta models then u will always keep objectifying girls which is ofcourse very much wrong , and in nost of the cases u will end up watching porn after watching insta models.

I would suggest to go completely free fron porn and masturbation for atleast 100 days , it will rewire you brain , if possible try to stay away from ur gf for that time , it will completely destroy porn fron your mind , u will devlop more respect for girls
After 100 days u should try making a healthy and good relationship with your girl where sex is not the only thing u want

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What benefit do we get from stalking insta models? man fuck that shit! WHAT. IS. THE. POINT. OF THAT??

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