Risinglion123 Diary

You may ask me why this diary ? Well my reply is why not :wink: ?


Day 0

24 February 2023

4 : 15 PM

My next goal is to complete 5 programs associated with Digital Signal Processing lab through MATLAB.

I will update if I complete 1 experiment or else I will update after the tution class ends at 7 PM.


What is MATLAB ?

Is it related to coding ?


Oh I studied about it in AI but just crammed it up a day before exam .


Matlab stands for matrix laboratory. It is a virtual environment where you can code , store , analyse and predict the outcomes from past output.

Its called matrix laboratory because the output is stored in the form of matrices.

I’ll show you a pic once I complete some work associated with that.

  1. 30 PM

MATLAB was really tougher than expected. As per mom’s order , I am supposed to do atleast 5 experiment today. I was unable to do any of them because of the complexity of the code.

I lied to my mom that I did 3 experiments. I lied not because I am scared of the beating she will be giving me , She have a lot of health issues. I don’t want her to be anxious because of that.

But this is a promise to myself that I will complete 5 experiments today itself and post one of the pics here.

Will probably update when I complete my work or maybe tomorrow morning I wake up.


25 February

9 : 30 PM

I was planning to do the MATLAB program but I spent a lot of time after that with my parents. My father is good at singing and I was listening to his songs.

Slept at 10.30 PM and woke up near to 8 AM. Slept like a baby :sweat_smile::joy:. Now I should keep my word , otherwise things will get out of control.

Mom is worried about my academics so she gave me a 30 minute long advice. I am a kind of guy who don’t take every advice seriously. But this time , I started to understand the seriousness of the situation.

So planning to study now. Probably will bath near to 11 AM. I will update near to that time .


Welcome back bro . I was missing your diaries. :sweat_smile::joy:
Btw I am also following you. Made a new diary few days ago.


Why are you following him?:joy:


Who doesn’t want to follow him. I guess everyone wants to be like risinglion123.:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
Actually I just made it for new goals…


Bro I didn’t ask it like that, I was going to the literal meaning of what you said :joy:, Like you said you are following him.


Oh you mean i am following him everywhere. I guess I am his secret fan that’s why.


I cant tolerate this strong compliment in one stretch. Let me keep myself humble and grounded. Give me some strong tree to hold on. Otherwise I might fly off :joy::pray:


4 PM

Completed 3 experiments associated with MATLAB. I have a doubt whether the code associated with the 4th experiment can be made simpler. But I don’t know how to simplify the code.

So I asked help from one of the classmates through WhatsApp. So will start the 4th experiment when she replies.

For the time being , I will be continuing my 5th experiment.

And the other good news is that I got my voice back. For past few weeks , I had a severe throat infection that had a huge impact on my voice. Today while bathing , I thought of singing " Ae dil hai Mushkil " and I got emotional when I reached high pitches of that song.

Other than that , nothing to add. Will update at 7 PM.

Here’s the sample of my MATLAB program @anon30406793


Me too bro and many people got the same disease. It’s quite weird.


I think the weather have a huge impact. My entire family and some of the professors in my college were facing the same problem


8 PM

Played video game for 1.5 hours and attended online tution class for 1.5 hours. Updating here because I am feeling slightly out of track. So planning to study for 2 more hours after dinner.

Reached Day 1 , Not a big deal but still small wins must be celebrated because there were times I thought of MO but didn’t from the blessings from God

Other than that , nothing to add. Will probably update before sleep or tomorrow morning.


Well now it feels like you are making diaries to troll us :new_moon_with_face::joy::joy::joy:!

Anyways, best of luck bhai :handshake:.


I have no idea what was my last diary , So I am continuing here anyway :joy::joy::joy:


So I just came here to say I relapsed . I don’t remember the streak. Near to 40 or something. Was a good journey. Moving on